Jack Della Maddalena broke his hand in his fight with Gilbert Burns

UFC welterweight division number five Jack Della Maddalena, who knocked out Gilbert Burns last weekend, is coming off one of the most spectacular victories of his career with a broken hand.

The Australian’s manager, Tim Simpson, announced the news by posting an X-ray on social media.

“Jack Della Maddelena’s hand broke early in the fight but he pulled himself together and finished his opponent in the third round. Soldier! P.S. Gilbert hits hard!”,” Simpson wrote.

According to the judges’ notes, Maddalena lost the first two rounds to the Brazilian, but with a minute and a half left in the fight, he managed to deliver a devastating knee strike to Burns’ head and then finished off his shocked opponent in the parterre.

With the victory, Jack Della Maddalena challenged undefeated Shavkat Rakhmonov, who has won six straight early victories in the UFC and is ranked third in the division’s rankings.