“It was scary when he made the armbar.” Fedor Emelianenko held a master class

Former Pride and Rings heavyweight champion Fedor Emelianenko and Fedor Team fighter Kirill Sidelnikov visited the Perm Territory as part of the Champion’s Mission program.

Emelianenko and Sidelnikov visited the Uralkali mine, and in Solikamsk they held a master class with students from sambo, judo, wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, Thai boxing and MMA schools.

“A master class is always a creative, mutual process,” said Emelianenko, quoted by the press service of the MMA Union of Russia. – You look at how people perceive information, whether they are able to accept something else. Of course, very little time. It would be more correct to separate the fighters of one type of martial arts from another. Today we tried to disassemble each direction a little bit, but this is not enough. I really enjoyed working with the guys. Perceived information, grasped everything. If there were any mistakes, they were corrected. Live communication is always interesting when you see feedback, feedback, a great desire to learn. I used to work with young children, now I continue with the team. I am very glad that Kirill Sidelnikov was here. He has the makings of a mentor, in this regard, I single him out from the entire Fedor Team. He sees everything, feels, knows, can help anyone from the team. Today he supplemented my instructions.”

“Fyodor and I worked through everything,” Sidelnikov noted, in turn. “But one must understand that all the tricks he performed today are felt. And this applies to percussion technique – hands dry out, low kicks are felt. I know for myself what an elbow lever is. Either I’m becoming an adult, or I’m getting old, but for me it’s scary. I saw how a man’s hand clicked during the armbar, there was a fracture. Therefore, today it was scary when Emelianenko did something similar to the guys. I know how hard Fedor Vladimirovich makes them.

The 2.5-hour master class turned into a video call session right on the tatami with Haas Formula 1 team driver Nikita Mazepin. During the conversation, the fighters and the pilot expressed support for each other. Nikita invited Fedor and the Fedor Team fighters to the Russian Grand Prix, which will be held next September. The workshop ended with an autograph session.