Israel Adesanya reveals truth about meeting Jon Jones

Israel Adesanya reveals truth about meeting Jon Jones

Reigning UFC middleweight champion, Israel Adesanya, has responded to fans who believe that his meeting and reconciliation with reigning UFC heavyweight titleholder Jon Jones is fake.

“This meeting was completely random and it definitely wasn’t fake,” Adesanya was quoted by Sportskeeda as saying. “I think it was God’s work. I sincerely believe in this, because I feel that there were many moments when everything could have gone very differently. ”

“That day I returned to the hotel from training, I was tired and wanted to stay in the room, but at the last moment something seemed to push me, and I decided to take a walk, go down to the casino. At some point, I heard from behind, ‘Yes, this can not be!’, and I decided that it was some kind of fan. I turned around and saw John standing behind me and smiling. I don’t know, we immediately felt this energy, hugged, and filmed videos that we posted on the network. ”

“Yes, the enmity between us is over forever. Now we have come to an understanding, found common ground. We are all competitors, this is our job, but there is no reason for me to hate my brother.”

Moreover, the Nigerian claims that he is ready to be an American not only a friend, but also a sparring partner.

“After our meeting, I read the comments and people wrote that our sparring, when we were fooling around, made them smile. Imagine a world where people do not fight – I had the feeling that we have become part of this world. And we will definitely train together. We are working on it – it will happen.”

According to the UFC plan, Israel Adesanya is scheduled to defend his title against Drikus Du Plessis on September 9 at UFC 293 in Sydney, and Jon Jones will put his belt on the line on November 11 when he meets Stipe Miocic at UFC 295 in New York.