Israel Adesanya reaches out to Alex Pereira

Israel Adesanya reaches out to Alex Pereira

Reigning UFC middleweight champion Israel Adesanya, who regained the title earlier this month in an immediate rematch with Alex Pereira, turned to the Brazilian, whom he knocked out in the second round.

“I love this game,” wrote the Nigerian on the social network. “Nothing on this planet and in this life compares to when you put everything on the line. One hit, the whole world is watching…waiting…then BOOM!! And that’s history!”

“Our personal legends will always be intertwined because of the story we told with our beautiful cruelty. I’m grateful that we have this rivalry, and I’m grateful that he beat me. It made me grow, made me a better person”

“Now I did the same for him, kicking his ass as a return gift. My respects to the Brazilian warrior Alex Pereira!”

Recall that the next opponent of Israel Adesanya will be determined in the Candidates match between Robert Whittaker and Drycus Du Plessis, who will meet on July 8 at UFC 290 in Las Vegas, and Alex Pereira will continue his career in light heavyweight, and in the next fight he will share the octagon with one of the top division fighters.