Ismailov: “I won’t have any more conflicts with anyone. Even with Mineev”

Russian middleweight Magomed Ismailov spoke about the meeting with his former opponent in the face of the reigning AMC Fight Nights champion Vladimir Mineev at the JFC Pride Junior League tournament.

“I felt good being at the same table with Mineev. Yes, we once had some kind of misunderstanding, a conflict. Today there is nothing like that. I want to be a person who sees pluses in a person, how he changes and so on, Ismailov told SE.

Ismailov also said that no one else could bring him to emotions.

“No one else will be like this. Even with Vladimir Mineev. They can’t get me emotional. It was such an experience for me, after which I drew conclusions and so on. No one else can do that.”

In June-July, at one of the RCC tournaments in Yekaterinburg, Ismailov will fight against former Bellator champion Alexander Shlemenko. The winner of this pair may face Vladimir Mineev.