Islam Makhachev’s team responded to allegations of fraud

Islam Makhachev's team responded to allegations of fraud

Islam Makhachev’s manager, Rizvan Magomedov, reacted to a statement by New Zealand lightweight Dan Hooker, who accused the Russian fighter of using saline drips to recover from the weight race before the fight against Alexander Volkanovski, thereby violating USADA rules.

“We all know that this is complete nonsense,” Magomedov told MMAJunkie in a comment. “The guy is just a loser. He’s jealous and trying to get attention, that’s all.”

The day before, friend and teammate Volkanovski publicly accused Makhachev of using the services of an Australian nurse after the weigh-in, who allegedly put him on a drip.

Since October 2015, the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency has prohibited UFC fighters from tackling dehydration with saline drips after weigh-in, as the procedure can be used to alter blood tests and cover up the use of banned performance-enhancing substances.

Last weekend at UFC 284 in Perth, Islam Makhachev made the first successful defense of the UFC lightweight championship belt, defeating Alexander Volkanovski by unanimous decision in five rounds, however, a few hours after the fight, the Australian, reviewing the record, announced that his sued, demanding to organize an immediate revenge.

As for Dan Hooker himself, in October 2021, Islam Makhachev already in the first round forced him to signal surrender by holding a kimura.