Islam Makhachev: “Khabib is our driving force”

Despite the fact that Khabib Nurmagomedov has finished his professional career and retired from regular coaching, he is still the main driving force of the team.

This was revealed on the joint podcast of Kamaru Usman and Henry Sejudo by current UFC lightweight champion, Islam Makhachev, as he finalizes preparations for his title fight against Dustin Porier.

“Khabib is retired, but he is still our driving force, leading us forward,” said the Russian. “I know that the last ten days of camp with him will be crazy. It’s going to be hard for everyone. Usman told Javier Mendes recently, ‘Coach, Khabib is coming in a couple days, can I rest today?’ Because I have to be ready for it.'”

“This guy only knows one way – you have to work hard, sweat, change three shirts per workout, fight every day for at least an hour. I don’t know anyone who can explain to him that he needs rest.”

Recall that the lightweight title fight between Islam Makhachev and Dustin Porier will be the main event of UFC 302, which will take place on June 1 in Newark.