Islam Makhachev: “I will break Charles Oliveira!”

Reigning UFC lightweight champion Islam Makhachev shared his expectations for his upcoming fight against Charles Oliveira, with whom he will have to share the octagon for the second time in a little over two weeks.

“It’s an interesting fight for the fans, everyone wants to see it,” the Russian said in an interview with Brett Okamoto. “Maybe this fight will be different because last time I didn’t take any damage, I didn’t feel Charles’ power. Maybe this time he will change something – at least I hope so.”

“I know exactly how I can beat him, I have the key to victory and I just have to use it. I’ll make him feel my power, the pressure, and he’ll give up, just like last time. I’ll break him. I’ll move him, he’ll feel my power and he’ll realize everything. When Charles feels the pressure and the power of his opponent, he always gives up. It’s no secret.”

“I don’t think he really believes he’s going to win. He tried to jump out of this fight, but he was told: boy, you have to go to Abu Dhabi and fight for the title. He tried to back out of the fight, asked to move it to Brazil, tried to do something, but he ends up doing what the UFC said. It’s the same for me – they told me, I did, because I have a contract that I have to fulfill”

Recall that the lightweight title fight will be the main event of the UFC 294 tournament, which will be held on October 21 in Abu Dhabi.