Is Canelo a diamond? Yes, he’s trash.” A bright assessment from the US boxing legend


Former multi-champion, one of the tops of the last decades, James Toney, is clearly not enthusiastic about how great many consider the Mexican Saul “Canelo” Alvarez.

In conversation with
FightHype he discussed David Benavidez’s upcoming fight with Caleb Plant. When asked why the advice he gave the latter before his fight with Canelo in 2021 did not work (Saul won by knockout), Tony said that Plant “did not listen.”

“I told him [Плэнту]how to fight a red haired guy. If he had done what I told him, he would have easily defeated him, ”said Tony.

According to Tony, Canelo “fights one-sidedly”.

Mayweather threw on Canelo and said that the best fighters are black

“Everyone thinks he is a diamond. Not really! He’s trash. Canelo couldn’t even wear boxers behind me in the gym. I would have knocked him out,” my grandfather said suddenly. Everyone always says, “How would your fight with Canelo go?” I’m like, why are you asking me this stupid question, if it’s clear that I can take his ass. It’s a mismatch.”

“If Canelo came out to fight me, he would get fucked. It would be like Duran when Tommy knocked him out. [Хирнс], or how Tommy dealt with Pipino Cuevas. Everything would be exactly the same. That’s if it’s for garlic, ”Tony said confidentially.

He previously said that Haney would kill Lomachenko.

US-Mexican coach Jose Benavides Sr. thinks Canelo is badly worn out, almost the end of his career.