Investigated trainer James Crouse worked for bookies

Investigated trainer James Crouse worked for bookies

American trainer James Crouse, who is under investigation for betting fraud in the UFC, has combined his main activity with work for bookmakers for the past three years.

According to ESPN, since 2019, Krause has worked as a so-called agent for the offshore bookmaker ABCBetting, registering players on the site, as well as directly accepting bets.

As you know, the cause of the investigation was the duel between Darrick Minner and Nuerdanbek Shailan, which took place on November 5 at UFC Fight Night 214 in Las Vegas. Shortly before the fight, an abnormal increase in bets was recorded on Minner’s early defeat in the first round, after which Krause’s ward was defeated by technical knockout in the first round due to a knee injury.

Shortly after the fight, Minner was fired from the UFC, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission stripped Krause of his coaching license pending investigation.

After the start of the investigation, which was joined by the FBI, representatives of the strongest league in the world officially announced that from now on the organization forbids its athletes, relatives and members of their teams from betting on UFC fights.