Interview with Sergey Derevyanchenko: about the strongest blow and the most difficult fight


Former multiple contender for world titles in the middleweight (up to 72.6 kg) Ukrainian Sergey Derevyanchenko (13-4, 10 KOs) gave
interview for an American news portal after boxing training.

In a conversation about Sergey, he chose the most difficult fight in his professional career, named the boxer with the strongest blow, commented on his next fight, talked about the third fight between Canelo and Golovkin, and also expressed his opinion about a possible fight with WBA Regular title holder Cuban Erislandy Lara ( 29-3-3, 17 KOs).

— I know that you will return on July 30th. I spoke to your trainer Andre Rozier and he said he really wants to see you fight Erislandy Lara. What do you think of it?

– First of all, I concentrate on my fight. I always focus on the current fight and after that we’ll see what happens. I can fight anyone. I’ve fought any fighter and I’m ready for Lara and the other middleweight guys.

– You fought with many top guys. You fought Danny Jacobs, Charlo, Golovkin. Who was the hardest fight out of all these guys?

“Each fight was difficult. Maybe… I liked the fight with Golovkin.

– Do you believe that this was your most difficult fight?

– Yes.

Who is the hardest hitter among Jacobs, Charlo and GGG? Who has the strongest punch you’ve ever fought?

— GGG. Yes, it’s Golovkin. But this is professional boxing and everyone has strong punches in their arsenal.

On September 17, Golovkin is due to fight Canelo. Do you see Golovkin having a chance to beat Canelo in the third fight or do you just see Canelo win this fight?

“I think Golovkin has a very big opportunity in this situation, because now Canelo has lost, maybe he doesn’t feel like a superstar.

Does it matter that now Golovkin is 40, and they fight at 76.2 kg, because Golovkin usually fights at 72.6 kg? Do you think it will matter, or does Golovkin have enough skills to win?

– I think that at 76 kg Golovkin will be better.

– Why is that?

– Because he drove the weight. When you lose weight, you lose strength.

Charlo wants the winner of the Alvarez-Golovkin trilogy: “Feed them to me”

– Returning to Lara, did you see his performance live? How would you rate his performance against Gary Sullivan?

He wasn’t the same as usual.

Are you saying that Lara is slowing down, that she is getting older?

– I dont know. Maybe he had a bad camp. I do not know what happened.

“So he doesn’t look like the same Lara?” Isn’t he the one who was in the past?

– Yes.

Do you want to follow the path of a duel with Lara? You’ve fought Golovkin, Charlo, and Lara is probably the last big name at 72.6kg you haven’t fought yet. And he also has a “regular” WBA belt.

– Yes, if there is a chance to fight for the title, I’m glad, because I always dreamed of a belt.

– You fought Carlos Adames, do you think you won?

– I dont know.

Did you have time to rewatch the fight?

I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ll take a look. It takes a long time before I review fights. Six months pass, after which I am ready to watch the fight.

– And why does it take such a long time before you review the fights?

– When I review my fight, I get nervous. Starting to shadowbox a little [смеётся].

– After the loss to Adames, there was talk that you might go down a division. How seriously did you take it and did you plan?

– No, I planned to stay at 72.6 kg. When you drop a lot of weight, your strength drops. You feel weaker.

When you fight July 30th on the Danny Garcia card, there’s a bit of pressure on you that you have to knockout to make a statement or you just want to win, no matter how.

– Now I want a knockout [смеётся]. I no longer want to bring the case to a decision of the judges.

– After this fight, do you want to box for the title, or will you just continue to build your career?

“I am ready to fight for the title. I want to come back and the next step is a world title.