Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye x Ganryujima video: Marcus ‘Lelo’ Aurelio drives Hidenori Ebata into moat


Marcus “Lelo” Aurelio knows his way around a moat fight.

The Ganryujima veteran represented the promotion in fine fashion as he scored the most impressive win of Wednesday’s Inoki Bom-Ba-Ye x Ganryujima event in Tokyo. Aurelio, not to be mistaken with Marcus Maximus Aurelio (ex-fighter for PRIDE and UFC), picked up Hidenori Ebata from the fight pit and drove him away in the mist.

Watch the celebration and pro-wrestling style finish here.

The surface underneath the mist seems to be slightly padded but Ebata couldn’t continue following the strong slam.

This incredible win marked a successful return to action for Aurelio, who hasn’t fought since a loss to Katsunori Kikuno at a 2017 Ganryukima event.

MMA Veteran Josh Barnett competed at the cross-promotional fight. He defeated RIZIN’s Shoma Schibisai via TKO, after landing a stiff leg to the body.

Barnett spent the majority of his time in professional wrestling for most of the last two years. He scores his first competitive sports victory since a bare-knuckle boxing win over Marcin Rozalski in 2020.

The event featured mostly mixed rules bouts and saw the return of Rafael Lovato Jr., a former Bellator middleweight champion, as well as Melvin Manhoef.

Lovato retired from MMA in 2019 and vacated his title after winning it off of Gegard Mousasi at Bellator 223. Brazilian jiujitsu specialist continued competing in grappling competitions but Wednesday marked his official return to MMA. He defeated Taiga Iwasaki in round one with a kimura.

Manhoef, a veteran of over 50 MMA fights, announced his retirement just months ago, but returned for one last sendoff in Japan, a country where he created numerous memorable moments including knockouts of Kazushi Sakuraba and Mark Hunt. He won’t go out with a win because he lost a first round heel hook submission to Igor Tanabe.

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