In the spirit of Morales-Barrera. Valdez hopes to fight Navarrete


Mexican ex-world champion in two categories Oscar Valdes (30-1, 23 KOs) congratulated compatriot Emanuel Navarrete (37-1, 31 KOs) on winning the world title in the third division, when he was still in the ring after an early victory in a difficult duel against Australian Liam Wilson at the end of last week.

Valdes does not hide his satisfaction with the result and hopes to fight Navarrete.

Recall that Emanuel was supposed to initially challenge the vacant WBO title in the second featherweight (up to 59 kg) in a duel against Oscar, but the injury of the latter disrupted this Mexican war.

“Of course we wanted Navarrete to win so that the title would stay in Mexico,” Valdes said. “Now we can arrange our fight. Hopefully this year. We want another fight in the best tradition of the fight between Eric Morales and Marco Antonio Barrera. I think our styles will contribute to this.

Meanwhile, Wilson filed a protest – he wants to reset the fight with Navarrete.