“In 99%, people like Usyk fail.” Fury threw on the fan


WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury doubts that his potential opponent in the fight for the absolute Alexander Usyk will be able to withstand the blows with which he shocked Derek Chisora ​​in early December – and stopped him in the 10th round.

A couple of years ago, Usyk defeated Chisora ​​by unanimous decision in a very difficult 12-round fight.

Fury says his fight with Usyk “isn’t going to be tough”.

“I think he’s nowhere near as strong as the old Del Boy. He won’t take the punches Derek took against me. When I watch the fight between him and Derek, whether people want to admit it or not, it was an even fight. Well maybe 55/45 [в пользу Усика]. It was against me that he did not take a single round, ”said the Briton about Chisora.

Video: Fury started, and the audience sang “Usyk is a bum!”

“I have seen people like Usyk many times. A small man who moves up in weight to take on a heavyweight champion. He fails 99% of the time,” Fury told iFL TV.

Yes, the champion admits, “You can’t underestimate anyone, but… I would like to take him out pretty quickly. I would like to fight him in February, flog him for show, then give him a rematch at Wembley,” Tyson said.

Hearn’s father got everyone confused the other day. Said that, “Obviously, Fury is #1 in the world. And then he added – “Usyk – No. 1 in the world.” Uh-uh…