“I’m selling the belt.” Serdar Avchi – about the earthquake in Turkey, Usyk and Lomachenko


The owner of the WBC International Silver heavyweight belt (up to 90.7 kg) Turkish Serdar Avchi (14-0, 13 KOs) gave
interview for the YouTube channel “Viktor Yalymov’s Boxing Studio”.

The Turkish fighter lived and trained in Ukraine for more than 5 years. In a conversation, Serdar spoke about the earthquake in Turkey, his help to the victims, his desire to sell his belt for charity, spoke about the connection with the team of the unified heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) and expressed opinion about the ex-champion in three categories Ukrainian Vasily Lomachenko (17-2, 11 KOs).

— There was a strong earthquake in Turkey. Tell me, where were you at that moment when all this was happening?

We were in Istanbul. I live in Istanbul, I was born here. Where there was an earthquake, I have never been there, but after the earthquake we went and looked. Several of our friends and relatives have died. They say now 40 thousand have died, but I think more. It’s very few because so many people don’t. Imagine a city of 10 thousand, and they are not.

– I read the information that you are selling your belt in connection with this in order to help the victims.

– We have a girl in our company – WBC Silver champion, she also did the same. In addition, I also helped, donated 60 thousand dollars to the relief fund. In addition, we also wanted to sell the title. Some already want to buy. This is already known. The one who gives the most money will get the title. We will send money there too. Thanks to the WBC, President Mauricio Suleiman, he supported us. And thanks to Ukraine. They called and asked, thank you very much.

– What is the last rate now, who gives the most money for the belt?

– 1 million lire.

– Can you be considered one of the best fighters in Turkey?

– Well, I do not know. There are also many good boxers here who are our friends, brothers. It would be wrong to say so, ugly.

– Please tell us which of the Ukrainian boxers you are on good terms with, with whom do you communicate?

– I have very good relations with the Ukrainian team with almost everyone, because I lived there, was in the Ukrainian team. I know many who were in my time. Sergei Lapin is a very good friend of mine. We boxed together in the same team in Fenerbahce. Oleg Efimovich, Andrey Kudryavtsev, Alexey Trofimov, Valentin Sobolevsky.

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– Sergey Lapin – this is the director of the Usyk team.

– Usyk and I met several times. How can I tell you, we know each other. I have a good relationship. He is now at the training camp in Turkey. Of course, I can’t name the city, because they have their own company. But they had a few questions here, and I came and helped them. He’s getting ready to fight Fury. God willing, win. He is a good boxer, a very technical boxer. For a heavyweight, he’s great.

– I just read the information that you saw Usyk in Antalya. Were you at a training camp or just seeing each other and talking and that’s it?

“We just saw each other and talked.

– That is, you did not see the training process?

— I saw how he trains. We were in the same room. But we are on different scales. He had his coach there, we had ours.

– Maybe you know something, whether there will be a fight or not, what is heard about the Usyk-Fury fight?

– I don’t know about it. I can not say anything. He has his own team. When there is time, they themselves will say everything, probably. I think there will be a fight and Usyk will win.

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– Have you ever seen Lomachenko, talked, know each other?

– No, we didn’t see each other, didn’t communicate, but I heard that he is a very good guy. He did a lot for Ukraine. Congratulations to him, he is a very good boxer. It’s a pity, we never boxed with him as an amateur. I would really like to box with such a good boxer at an amateur level. But I only got on Albert Selimov.

– Do you think he will win against Haney if there is such a fight?

– I think he will win. He is a very good boxer. He is a hero.

– And finally, I want you to say a few words to our viewers?

“I wish you all the best and that, God forbid, this war ends quickly and that Ukraine is as it was before. And you, too, health.