“I’m not the first in P4P yet.” Bivol’s big interview


The holder of the title of “super champion” of the world according to the WBA in light heavyweight (up to 79.4 kg) Russian Dmitry Bivol (20-0, 11 KOs) gave
interview for streaming DAZN.

In a conversation with the presenter, Bivol spoke about his next opponent, unbeaten former super middleweight champion (up to 76.2 kg) from Mexico Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramirez (44-0, 30 KOs), whose fight is scheduled for November 5 in Abu -Dabi (UAE). Dmitry also spoke about a possible rematch against the undisputed middleweight champion Mexican Canelo Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs) and a possible fight for the title of absolute world champion against unified Canadian champion Artur Beterbiev (18-0, 18 KOs).

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– I want to know how your life has changed after the victory over Canelo?

“It’s just that more people recognize me now. Learn in supermarkets, in shops.

– How do you like to be recognizable by a large number of people? You are a modest person and the fame must have influenced you to some extent.

Everything has two sides. Pros and cons. Sometimes I’m happy, and sometimes I don’t have time. People ask me for something, ask me to say hello to neighbors, dogs, etc. [смеются]

— But you try to please the fans as best you can?

Yes, of course, I try.

  • Bivol: “They recognize me in the USA. People in Kyrgyzstan are proud of me”

– After the victory over Canelo, many people put you on the P4P list. I even remember you saying that you should be on the list, but not yet number one because you beat one guy. Do you still think so?

— Yes, of course, I think so too. To feel like the best light heavyweight, I need 4 belts. That’s the only way I can feel like the best.

– What is your opinion about the early victory of Beterbiev over Smith?

— I was not surprised. Yes, he is good, still strong. Everyone expected a knockout in this fight.

– I know that you really want to become the undisputed light heavyweight champion, but Beterbiev owns the rest of the titles. In open training, Canelo was asked if he would want to fight you if you lost to Zurdo. He replied no. What do you say to this, because before the fight he wanted to get even with you for the defeat.

– I will say the same – if he loses to Golovkin, I don’t want to fight him [смеются].

Many people, including myself, say that Canelo is not a fighter in the light heavyweight division. Are you ready to move down to super middleweight if Canelo wants it?

“I said earlier that we can do this fight. But we need to negotiate about it.

  • Canelo Alvarez reveals how Bivolu’s defeat affected him

Do you think Canelo will win next fight against Golovkin?

– I dont know. I don’t like making predictions. Maybe he wants to win because he lost in the last fight. Maybe he’s not feeling well because of the extreme fight. I don’t know if he is motivated. I wish Golovkin good luck [смеётся].

– Have you considered the possibility of a duel with Golovkin if it presents itself?

“We never thought about it. He’s not on my list.

Let’s go back to Gilberto Ramirez. He’s tall, left-handed, an experienced fighter, but you’re still a big favorite among the people. People are talking about the Beterbiev-Bivol fight, but on November 5th you will have an obstacle. I spoke to Ramirez and he said that you and he had a lot of sparring when he was super middleweight. How do you rate him as a fighter who has had so many rounds with him?

– He is good. He is tall, he has a strong left. He is left-handed, but he throws a lot of left-handed body shots. Maybe he doesn’t have as much speed as Canelo, but he’s good.

– And who was better in sparring?

— [смеётся] I won’t talk about it. It is not correct to talk about sparring. It’s disrespectful.

I know that professional fights are different from sparring, but how does he compare to Canelo? How would you compare them? Which one is better?

They are two completely different fighters. Of course, Canelo is more popular, but in terms of boxing skills, maybe Canelo is better. But they are different. Zurdo is taller, heavier, but Canelo has more speed. One of them is left-handed.

  • Golovkin: I don’t have to be Bivol to beat Canelo

– After you were the underdog against Canelo and won, you said that you want to get the money that you deserve. Did it happen in the fight with Zurdo? Do you feel like you got what you deserve?

– You know, I have a duel with Zurdo now, and I’m happy with my contract. I have a good contract.

– If you defeat Ramirez, will Beterbiev be the next target?

– You know, fights for other belts are always in my head. I always want them, but no one offers them to me. We can talk a lot about the absolute champion, but we know how it works. Someone has to make this duel.

– I understand what you are talking about, but during the time that I have been in this sport, I have understood that when two fighters want to fight each other, their duel will take place no matter what. If you are offered either a rematch with Canelo or an all-title fight with Beterbiev, which fight is more important to you?

– Of course, the fight against Beterbiev. Fight against a guy who has titles. Not personally against Beterbiev.

– For you, money is not as important as heritage?

– Yes.

  • “First Bivol, then Beterbiev.” Ramirez sees himself as an absolute

– Do you know that people see you as the best light heavyweight in the world and you will be the favorite in a fight with Beterbiev?

– I dont know. It doesn’t matter to me if people see me as the favorite or the underdog.

“In this era of boxing, fighters are going up and down the weight class like never before. Is light heavyweight the limit for you, or will we ever see you in cruisers?

— For cruisers, I think I’m too small. I can only go down.

I know you don’t like to make predictions, but I want to ask you about the fight that everyone has been wanting to see for several years – Spence – Crawford.

Don’t ask me about this fight. To make predictions, you need to know how a fighter goes through the camp, to know his problems.

— Well, whose style do you like more?

Probably Terence Crawford. I like his style. He is a really smart fighter.