“I’m anything but a normal person.” Fury admits he can’t live without boxing


British WBC world heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) has revealed why he never retires after announcing his retirement.

Recall that Fury made another statement about parting with boxing in April after defeating Dillian Whyte. But this Saturday, he will hold another defense in the third fight against Derek Chisora.

“I just need it. Need more than I could ever imagine. You need it mentally, physically, emotionally. I’m not ready to lose it now,” Fury admitted. “Hopefully I’ll be ready to leave for the foreseeable future, but right now I feel the opposite. Watched Larry Holmes fights last night and he was still kicking ass at 43. I’m only 34, so there’s still plenty of fuel in the tank.”

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Tyson said that home life quickly ceased to bring him the expected joy:

“I was at home and did whatever I wanted. I wanted to spend time with my family and be a real father. Kids, school routine, doggie, all that. I wanted to do this. But then I realized that such a life is for normal people. And I am anything but a normal person. I’m like an alien. I only blossom when I’m preparing for a fight in a training camp.”

In connection with the craving for boxing, the Briton is worried about his future state of mind:

“I have no idea how it will be in the future, when I just have no choice. It really worries me because I just can’t walk away like most of the great champions of the past. Look at Floyd Mayweather. Dude at 45 takes fucking fights against youtubers because he can’t stop boxing. It’s actually very difficult.”

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