Igor LOSS: “I doubt that anyone was happy about Rua’s defeat”


The Ukrainian noted that at a young age he was already aiming at the “Shogun”

Ukrainian middleweight Igor Poterya (19-3) at a press conference after UFC 283 commented on the victory over ex-champion Brazilian Mauricio Rua.

“When I started training at the age of 16, I said to myself: “Hey, I will fight Shogun someday. But it was just a joke. But the energy was so directed that it still worked. This energy concludes that you attract the fulfillment of your desires.

Yes, this was his last fight. I doubt that anyone rejoiced at his defeat. The fact is that I am grateful to Rua for accepting this fight. Because it is legends like him that give us young fighters. They show us the way. They create a new generation.”

Recall that after UFC 283 Mauricio Rua announced the end of his fighting career.