If not for the war in Ukraine, then Haney would have continued to enjoy his “popcorn” belt – expert


American-Italian boxing columnist and former two-weight champion Paul Malignaggi continues to talk about the situation at lightweight. The expert suggests that the undisputed world champion American Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) will give up the title and move up a division to avoid a fight with Ukrainian veteran Vasily Lomachenko (16-2, 11 KOs).

Haney already answered Malignaggi yesterday. Beware of obscene language! But Polly gave
understandthat has nothing against a compatriot: “This is business. And from a business point of view, going up in weight to avoid a fight with Lomachenko is a great tactic. Understand, I want to see Devin against the top opposition, I want to see Devin against Lomachenko. But having risen in weight, he will remain unbeaten. And that’s the whole point. Yes, then he will lose the belts. But he can afford it now. I really want them to fight. I want to see how this fight ends.”

“Let’s still not forget that if it weren’t for the war in Ukraine, then Haney would not have had a chance to go to Australia and take all the belts from George Kambosos. This would then be done by a Ukrainian. And Haney would still sit with his “popcorn” title, which only he and his racist-minded fans would consider real. I do not hide the fact that I think Lomachenko is stronger. And I do not hide the fact that I think Shakur Stevenson is stronger. If Teofimo Lopez fought with Haney collected and focused, then he could beat Devin, ”Malignaggi believes.

The expert suggests analyzing Haney’s record: “He has, perhaps, the saddest resume. Dude, you have a hell of a track record. And if your fans don’t see it, then they seem to be blind. Who did you beat? Zaura Abdullayeva? A dude no one has ever heard of before? And for this he received the “popcorn” title? Who else? Punched Jorge Linares? Not just pierced, but super pierced!”

Meanwhile, promoter Bob Arum is not discouraged. He has a simple plan: Haney fights Lomachenko, Stevenson comes out on the winner. In the meantime, Devin improved his position: the “pound” was updated according to vRINGe.