If Joshua flies in on April 1, game over: Anthony doubted


Member of the International Boxing Hall of Fame Barry McGuigan clearly did not like the answer of star heavyweight Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) to the question of what motivates him to continue boxing after two defeats from Alexander Usyk. The Briton honestly said that he was engaged in craft only because of the money.

It’s funny that his promoter Eddie Hearn insists that Anthony is “hungrier than ever before.”

The 61-year-old ex-world champion, TV commentator, promoter, manager and MBE
Seconds Outthat “this is very disappointing to me, because he certainly made enough money and he should think about the legacy.”

“You know, whatever motivates a fighter is very personal. Personally, it surprised me. It’s not at all surprising when fighters say, “I just want to make money, I want to put enough in the bank while I’m exercising so that I can be old.” It’s clear. But I think that if he wants to come back and win titles again, he needs to choose the “right” opponents, pick the best odds for himself, ”said Barry.

Fury – Usyk. McGuigan picks favorite

According to Hearn’s idea, if the 33-year-old Joshua defeats Jermain Franklin on April 1, he will fight in a rematch with Dillian Whyte in the summer. White, in turn, controversially defeated Franklin in November.

McGuigan thinks Joshua’s fight in April will provide an opportunity to compare him to Dillian “and see if AJ can take him out early.”

“That will tell us a lot about Anthony and also whether he can use combinations to take him out because Dillian couldn’t,” the veteran said. “Because if he can beat the guy in four or five rounds, it will be very impressive. If he gets into trouble and is satisfied with the decision of the judges, then… I wish him all the best. I think if he loses it’s a game over.”

McGuigan believes there is only one opponent that Joshua needs to avoid. Franklin, meanwhile, invited Anthony to delve into himself: he believes that the new coach will not give Joshua anything.