“I would get into Putin’s head.” Interview with Oleksandr Usyk


The owner of three of the four major titles in the heavyweight division (over 90.7 kg) Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) gave an interview for his own YouTube channel

The unified champion answered questions about an angry wife, lack of light, Russian news, laziness, Ukrainian lightweight Denis Berinchyk (17-0, 9 KOs), name-calling of the WBC heavyweight champion British Tyson Fury (33-0-1, 24 KOs) , and also felt like a wizard and told what spells and on whom he would apply.

What to do when the wife is angry?

— Love her. The wife is angry because her husband does not tell her how much he loves her, how special she is, how beautiful she is, how unique she is for him. Need to love.

What to do when there is no light?

– The first is to hug your loved ones: wife, children, mom, dad, loved ones. If you have a generator, then turn on the generator. If there are things that help you get light, then do it. If you know that after some time the light will turn on, then just wait.

– What to do when I saw Russian news?

– Do not watch Russian news at all. And if you see it, you should definitely sprinkle yourself with holy water.

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– What to do when you are grabbed by a kapets what laziness?

– Expel. Laziness prevents people from growing, developing and being strong. Laziness is not a family, it is an enemy.

– What to do when Denis Berinchik comes up to you and says: “Well, what are you, head?”, and stands up?

– I think that he needs to be hacked somewhere in the temple so that he loses consciousness and just runs away from there. Because if he comes up to you and says: “Well, what are you, head?”, And becomes in a rack, then it seems to me that it is not necessary to expect something good from him.

– And when a gypsy calls you a bum?

– There is a house, there is a residence permit – he lies.

What doors would you open with a spell?

— I can say which doors I would close. I would close the bunker so that it never opens in my life.

– A spell that twists the tongue into a tube. Who would you apply it to?

— I don’t know, to some propagandist. Solovyov would spin. So vzhuh – and he will have a tube.

– The spell “unbearable tickling”, on whom would you apply it?

– Who is so cheerful there that he laughs a lot? I would do this for two girls. To Simonyansha and Skabeeva. So vzhuh – and let someone tickle them.

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“And the slug-puking spell?” You apply – and the person vomits slugs.

“I would use it on myself. I would spit on bad people with slugs. [смеётся] I’m joking, I wouldn’t use it on myself. You know, people want to have some kind of ability. I would sell these abilities. And the money would be spent on the restoration of damaged buildings and everything that we have damaged in Ukraine now.

– A spell when a person forgets everything?

– I would apply this to many of our people so that they do not remember this horror that they experienced, so that they would not remember this grief that happened to all of us Ukrainians in the future. I would ask if people want to forget it. I think half would say, “No, we don’t want to forget that, because we want to remember who we want to be friends with or live with.” But I think that some people would agree that I did it. I would even try something for myself.

– A spell that lifts someone or something and sends it anywhere. Who would you?

– I would have raised the rashka and somewhere across the ocean so that they would be away from us. Somewhere in America, somewhere between Puerto Rico, somewhere there. And let them create peace among themselves there.

– Who would you kill?

“Damn, I’d bury that spell so we couldn’t even use it.”

– Spell penetration into the head to a person. You see his whole life, all his thoughts. Who would you go to?

– I would get into a couple of people. It would be interesting to watch, read and find out what they feel when they destroy entire cities. I would get into the head of one killer, Hitler, and Putin. I would like to see what drives them to do such things.

And the last spell. It creates a shield around some territory. How would you apply it?

“I would completely close the borders of Ukraine and those borders that support us like this. Just like this – bam, would have closed and would have lived there under the dome. But these are all our inventions, our stories, and this is how we would like it to be. But we live in real life, in the real world, and we need to look realistically at life, at the events that happen to us. I would very much like to shout to every Ukrainian, and to tell every Ukrainian who endure cold, hunger, lack of light and a lot of things that once happened. Such a difficulty fell on our fate, and we must definitely go through it, and we will go through it. Let’s go together, and everything will be the glory of God. We have everything, thank God.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/162590-zalez-v-golovu-putinu-intervyu-usika.htm?rand=141343