“I was looking at my weapon.” Ex-UFC fighter made a frank confession


Uriah Hall told about the secret

Former UFC middleweight contender Uriah Hall admitted that at one time he was visited by the thought of suicide. According to the 38-year-old American, it was shortly after he completed his martial arts career.

“I fell into a deep hole after leaving MMA. I was in a deep depression and realized that I had nothing else to do. I spent 20 years devoting my whole self, my whole soul to one cause, and then it just disappeared. I was in dark places, but the right people were nearby.

At one point, I was looking at my firearm. Depression is a real thing, and if there is no support, then you will not get out of it. I sat on the couch for a week not knowing what to do. I remember opening the door and seeing the sunlight. It helped me,” Hall said.

Uriah Hall fought his last fight at UFC 276 in July of this year.