“I should show up in P4P.” Devin Haney press conference after Kambosos rematch


The absolute champion of the lightweight division (up to 61.2 kg) American Devin Haney (29-0, 15 KOs) successfully defended his title in a rematch against former Australian champion George Kambosos (20-2, 10 KOs).

After the fight, which took place on October 16 and ended with Haney’s victory on points, the American gave a press conference for the Australian and American media. Devin
commented his speech, answered questions about the weight category for the future performance, the rating of the best fighters, regardless of the weight category and their qualities.

– Thank you all for your congratulations. This is a blessing. I dreamed of moments like this. I am glad that I achieved this with my team. My team has done a great job. My father did an excellent job. My dad should definitely be coach of the year [одобрительные возгласы в зале]. My father has trained a perfect fighter who can do anything. Applaud my father [аплодисменты]. The world knows that 61.2 kg is not an easy category. Many people said that I looked emaciated, that I was not strong. I will answer you all that I went 12 rounds and was strong and strong [положительные возгласы]. Thanks to everyone who helped.

You have conquered the world twice. Will you stay in this division?

“We need to go back, talk to our team, to our father, Bob Arum, and see what happens next. It is not so easy for me to make a limit of 61.2 kg. It requires many sacrifices, discipline. Yes, you need to go back and talk to the team, but at lightweight there are a lot of big fights, a lot of big money. So let’s see what happens next. But I will probably stay.

– The fight was a master class. It was even better than the first one. Was it a more dominant performance for you?

– Of course. I won the first fight thanks to the jab. This time I showed the jab, showed the right hand, showed the hook, showed dominance in the ring, showed it all. I showed that I am a perfect fighter. I showed that there is more than one way to beat Kambosos, but it all depends on the style that I choose. Once again, my father developed a cool plan for the fight, I let my hands free – and it worked [положительные возгласы].

George showed a good holder. Did you expect him to take such a beating?

– Yes. I knew he was strong. He took several hard hits. I don’t remember what round it was, but I shook him once. But he’s a solid contender and he’s shown he didn’t come out to fall. [положительные возгласы].

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What is your impression of Australia?

Australia is where I made history. She will forever be in my heart. I love Australia.

– Comment on your absence from the P4P rankings.

“They say that P4P ratings are not only about wins, but also about a set of skills. I showed that I have many skills. I am a versatile fighter. I can do everything and I am the youngest champion in boxing. This all speaks for itself. I wasn’t on the P4P list before, but I should be on the list now.

“Your mental focus was excellent. In none of the cases, he could not break you, even when he hit. It seemed to be impossible. What allowed you to keep a constant focus?

“Real champions stay focused throughout the match. This is boxing, you can skip here. Even if you miss, you need to stay focused, stay in the fight. This is what I did. I missed some good shots. I knew I would give him back and I stayed focused round after round. Thanks guys.