“I screwed up.” Brook admitted that he was lousy without boxing – hence the cocaine


Former world welterweight champion Kell Brook is throwing ashes on his head for the fact that the video of him taking drugs was seen by the whole world. The 36-year-old Briton has apologized to fans and loved ones after leaking the (obviously not free) scandalous video to the tabloid by one of his “friends” who attended a party at his house.

In the video, the ex-boxer sniffs a powdery white substance over a coffee table through a folded piece of paper. Pulled in, Brook looks at the camera and says “cool” and shadow boxing.

Kell has admitted he can’t find himself after retiring from boxing. Typical, in general, the situation with boxers, for whom this craft was a matter of life, accustomed to the attention of the public, and retired without all this “movement”. However, this is not Brook’s first flight, since for five years in 2017 he drank alcohol, cursed, and smoked on the plane.

“I screwed up, I give up, and I want to apologize to my family, the audience, friends and fans,” Brook wrote in
Twitter. – It’s no secret that I have mental problems because of pensions, it’s difficult on it. Actively seeking help to guide me on the right path. Once again, I apologize for the pain and inconvenience caused.”

The Briton retired from boxing shortly after his last fight, in which he beat his nemesis Amir Khan in six rounds.