“I knew there would be no rematch between Canelo and Bivol.” Interview with Gennady Golovkin


Gennady Golovkin from Kazakhstan (42-1-1, 37 KOs) won two middleweight titles (up to 72.6 kg)
interview for the British media after a press conference dedicated to his upcoming third fight against the absolute champion of the second middleweight (up to 76.2 kg) from Mexico Canelo Alvarez (57-2-2, 39 KOs).

In a conversation, Gennady answered a question about Canelo’s fight against WBA Super light heavyweight champion (up to 79.4 kg) from Russia Dmitry Bivol (20-0, 11 KOs), spoke about his new weight, his legacy and future career.

Recall that the third fight between Alvarez and Golovkin is scheduled for September 17 in Las Vegas (USA).

– I am pleased to join the living legend of sports Gennady Golovkin. How are you, sir?

– Everything is great. I’ll be glad to talk.

When you watched Canelo vs Dimitri Bivol, which I’m sure you did, were you worried that the outcome of the fight might delay your fight?

– I want to disappoint, I did not watch this fight.

OK, when you heard the result of the fight, you must have been worried that Canelo would have an immediate rematch with Bivol and you would have to wait longer?

I just knew a little more details. I knew there would be no revenge.

May I ask why you didn’t watch Bivol’s duel?

– I didn’t have time. I was somewhere in the tournament. That is, it doesn’t make sense. I didn’t see that fight.

– A lot of people say that Canelo is too long waited the third fight because he wanted GGG to get older to give himself a bigger advantage. What is your opinion on this?

“I can’t tell him to wait. Of course, there is such a question – where was he before? So now I don’t even know how to answer. Well, this fight happened now – it means that now is the time for him.

How much does this fight mean to you and how personal is it to you?

“There is nothing personal here. This is another fight.

Do you think it’s the same for Canelo?

“I don’t think about him at all and I don’t know how he thinks.

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Will this bout at super middleweight be an irreversible step into this division, or are you planning to move back to middleweight?

– I dont know. Now we will try to box at 76.2 kg. Let’s see how it will be. Hard to say.

How do you feel in training camp with more weight, more strength and power?

– I’ll try. Now we need to speed up. That is, in the process. That is, so far everything is the same.

Even if you have held several middleweight titles, you have never been the undisputed champion. If you beat Canelo, you will become the undisputed champion. How important is this to your career and your legacy?

– It doesn’t matter at all.

What is important to your heritage? What do you want to achieve?

“I have a legacy. I am not trying to achieve anything. Like, what’s the question? I just box.

How would you rate Canelo among all your amateur and professional opponents? Is he one of the best you’ve met?

– Definitely. Oh sure.

If everything goes well and you defeat Canelo, what is left for you in boxing, what else would you like to do?

– What would you like to achieve – this question seems to be inappropriate. He has already left. I mean, let’s see what happens.

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Do you think that Canelo’s style this time will be different from the first two fights?

– I dont know. I try to be ready for everything he has to offer. At least I will work as much as possible in my own style. Let’s see how everything will be.

– What are your conclusions after the last duel with Ryota Murata? What did you like and where do you feel that you need to improve?

“Winning is always nice. Well, how can you say? Losing is losing, winning is winning. I mean, I don’t know how to describe it.

What is the third fight between you and Canelo that fans and viewers can expect?

– I dont know. I know one thing – that I need to stick to the plan that we will have for the fight. I hope that we will move in the right direction – and all this will work.

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