“I have 3 fights left.” Oleksandr Usyk told who he wants to fight


The holder of the WBA, IBF and WBO world heavyweight titles, Ukrainian Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs), said that he could hold a maximum of three more fights at his peak. Then, apparently, he will end his career.

He, having listed the desired rivals, told about this in
interview youtube channel Usyk17.

– There is an opinion that in two fights with Anthony Joshua Oleksandr Usyk was the peak. Can Oleksandr Usyk be better?

– Maximum three times. Three fights can be a peak.

Have you already had two of them?

– Not.

– How much was it?

– That’s it, after this second fight, for a maximum of three more fights, I can be a peak. Three preparations.

Are you saying that there are three fights left in your boxing career?

– Yes.

– Let me guess – two fights with Fury and a farewell fight at the “Olympic”?

– No, with Fury, with Canelo and “Olympic” – goodbye. Canelo wanted to box. But it will be a freakboy. To earn money purely.

  • Usyk is No. 1 in the world, according to Canelo Alvarez

Sasha, are you a freak?

– They say yes [смеётся].

Do you really have the Canelo fight in your head?

– Why not? Pure lava.

– Come on, who would you prefer to fight for the absolute: Joshua, Fury and I will write down Wilder here?

– Most convenient?

– Most convenient.

— I think with Wilder.

  • Fight Usyk – Wilder is very real – the manager of an American

Who would you like to box with?

– With Tyson Fury.

– Your statement after the fight: “Either with Fury, or with no one” – is it emotions?

– Yes, Fury needs to be beaten and that’s it. And to rest.

– You yourself said about three fights.

– Yes, otherwise there will be Freakboys.

– Applicants line up for all your titles. Will there be no fights with them?

– I do not want to box with applicants.

— What kind of principle is this?

— [смеётся] There is no principle here. I just want to fight Fury right now. A unification fight is better than just fighting or defending. Unification duel – and all.