“I dropped Hughie and then Tyson jumped in…” Dubois spoke about sparring with Fury


WBA World Minor World Champion Daniel Dubois (18-1, 17 KOs)
interview for local media, he expressed an opinion about the upcoming fight for the title of absolute world champion between the unified champion from Ukraine Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) and the WBC title holder Briton Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs).

Also, the British puncher told the story of a sparring with Fury, which lasted only one round.

– The WBA said that you will be in the next rotation if there is a fight for the absolute champion, which is now being talked about. Who will rise to the top? With whom will you have a championship fight? Who will you meet: Fury or Usyk?

“We have to wait and see. I dont know. You can never write off Usyk. He’s ready for the big name. So let’s see. I think Fury. I think his size will help and he knows how to get through it. In general, this is a difficult fight.

– If Fury rises to the top, then it’s easy to organize a duel between you. You are both with the same promoter, you are from the same country. What will you do differently from those who have tried to beat him in the past?

I will be 100% ready. I’ll go out there and knock him out! I have something that other heavyweights don’t have. I have speed and power and faith that I will put it all together for him that night and beat him. I want to test myself and fight the best. This is the only way. I’m on the level right now. I hear all these guys call my name. I stand in their way to the stars.

— You made a good start. Have you ever sparred with Fury?

Yes, one round.

Why did you spar for one round? Tell us an insider.

– It’s a long story. I came to spar with his cousin Huey. I dropped him in sparring and then Tyson jumped into the ring for a round. They know who I am.

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Did you drop Tyson or just Hurey?

Only Huey.

– Tyson defended the honor of the family?

– Yes.

— What was it like? I know it was only one round, but how did you rate it?

“He was awkward back then. At the time, I don’t think I was fully energized. It’s all experience, right? It’s all experience. I sparred with a lot of guys. I dropped many. At that stage, I just started. I won’t say much. I didn’t take much from that sparring.

— Do you think? Tyson, seeing what you did that day in the gym and having a round with you, is he a little apprehensive about facing you in a real fight?

– May be. May be. Need to see. I’ll put it off for now.

– After this round of sparring, you get along, did you communicate with him?

– With whom?

– With Tyson.

He does his things, I do mine. I’m getting there. I have no resentment. This is boxing. I am ready to win the title of champion, to fulfill my omen and destiny. You have to keep winning and that will put me right there, in front of them. So they can’t reject me.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/160472-uronil-khui-dyubua-rasskazal-o-sparringakh-s-fyuri.htm?rand=141343