“I didn’t sniff Charlo’s fumes.” Interview with Dmitry Bivol


The holder of the title of “super champion” of the world according to the WBA in light heavyweight (up to 79.4 kg) Russian Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs)
replied to questions from the local media.

Dmitry commented on the organization of his next fight, spoke about the main goals for the future, spoke about a conversation with WBC middleweight champion (up to 72.6 kg) Jermall Charlo (32-0, 22 KOs) on one of the boxing evenings, talked about the development of boxing, answered a question about the comparison with boxing legend Sugar Ray Leonard, chose the favorite in the Beterbiev-Yarde fight and turned to his fans.

– You said that in January you will have news about the next fight. Do they already exist or do you understand when the negotiations will begin?

– Slowly, discussions began on the next fight, but I can’t share exact information with you yet.

— You had many different opponents, who would you single out in terms of trash talk? Which of them used wit, and which of them, perhaps, rudeness?

“Actually, they were all respectful. Well, Ramirez said a lot of things that he himself understood that this was not so. He said that we were avoiding the battle, although he himself understood why this was happening and did not depend on me personally. He tried to throw it all at me, thereby attracting, probably, some media to himself.

– It is clear that your main goal is Alvarez and Beterbiev, but if something does not grow together there, then which boxers are included in the area of ​​interest? Who else would you like to fight?

“The main target is these fighters. The rest, honestly, doesn’t matter. If I don’t box in May, give me some fight and then we move on to our goal.

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– With Charlo there was such an interesting dialogue. As I understand it, after him a lot of subscribers increased. I understand that he is from a very low category. If you consider some hypothetical option, is a fight possible with him? Where, how and under what conditions?

– In principle, a fight with him is possible, but not so interesting, to be honest. Because he can’t, I think, move up to light heavyweight. For his sake, I’m not ready to go down to the second middle. In principle, if he had any belts in the second average, then it matters. Well, so, without belts – it is unlikely.

– And how did you feel in that situation? Here he comes unexpectedly…

“We talked to him, just chatted. He looked very big. I say, “You’re so big.” He says, “Do you want to fight me?” Where is the logic? Don’t know [смеётся]!

– Did he smell strongly of fumes at that time?

“Honestly, I didn’t pay attention. Don’t know. I didn’t smell it [смеётся].

– I consider Ray Leonard the best boxer in history in terms of defensive skills. After the last victory over Ramirez, I can say that Dmitry Bivol is on the same level with him. I’m sure your modesty won’t let you say that. What do you need to do to put yourself on the same level with Leonard?

“Actually, I don’t know what to do. I don’t want to compare myself with respected boxers of the past at all. Honestly, I don’t want to. I respect them so much that I won’t compare myself to them. They made their own history. My story is different.

– Because boxing changes, maybe every decade?

“I hope it changes. I hope it changes for the better. Take athletics, for example. What were the records 50 years ago? And what are the current records? High jumps, swimming – that is, everything develops. In boxing, it’s hard to track. But I believe that we are still making some progress. But it’s not because I’m more progressive than Sugar Ray Leonard or Roy Jones – no, I’ll never say I’m better than them because I learned from them. I respect them very much and prefer not to compare myself with them. There are such statistics CompuBox, probably. I have really good results there. In my opinion, one of the best to date in terms of missed shots. A very small percentage of missed shots.

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– Can everyone expect the fight against Beterbiev to surpass the fight against Canelo in terms of excitement and sporting interest?

– Today, I think, it is unlikely that he can surpass. That’s it today. In Russia, perhaps, he will surpass, but on the world stage, I think, it is unlikely.

– Moreover, the sports component is the highest.

– Yes, but it’s just because Canelo is now the number one person in terms of media coverage in boxing.

– If we are talking about Artur Beterbiev, he will soon have a fight against Anthony Yarde. Many say that the winner is known in advance. How do you look at it, and will the Brit be able to give a good fight?

– I don’t know, it depends on the Briton, but if today everything is broken down by numbers, statistics, then of course Beterbiev is a clear leader.

– Dim, in conclusion, say a few words to the fans who are waiting and rooting for you.

– Thank you, first of all, for supporting me, watch my fights. I hope that my next fight will soon be clear – where, when and with whom. And I hope that it will be in the spring, and you will be able to see me in the ring. Thanks a lot. Happy New Year! Health!

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