I can hit Usyk at a meeting – Artur Beterbiev


Chechen puncher from Canada, holder of three light heavyweight titles (up to 79.4 kg) Artur Beterbiev (18-0, 18 KOs) gave
interview for the YouTube channel of the Queensberry Promotions promotion company.

In a conversation with a journalist, Arthur commented on his future fight against former British challenger Anthony Yarde (23-2, 22 KOs), which is scheduled for January 28 in London. Also in the interview, they talked about the unified heavyweight champion (over 90.7 kg) from Ukraine Alexander Usik (20-0, 13 KOs).

— There are many champions in boxing. Why are you the only one with a 100% knockout rate? What makes you different?

— I think you should ask my coach about it. I think it’s my coach who does something special with me and it happens.

When did you realize that you have special powers?

“I’m not sure I already understood that. I’m telling you, it’s just luck. It’s out of luck [улыбается].

– You have boxed with many good contenders and fighters: Gvozdyk, Brown and other excellent fighters. You haven’t fought Anthony Yarde yet, but how would you rate him?

— You know, I try to be focused and 100% prepared for each opponent and challenger. It’s not that he’s good or bad. If they are boxers, this is serious. You need to prepare 100%. Not 90% or 50%. This is not my style. I don’t think so.

– Did you watch his fight with Kovalev?

– I think yes. We just started to study and watch some videos with my team.

– And what do you think? It was his last title shot. He gave Kovalev problems in one round, but eventually lost. What do you think about it from what you saw?

I haven’t analyzed it yet. We will look, study it more deeply and learn more things.

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The last time you boxed in London was the last time you lost. Oleksandr Usyk at the 2012 Olympics. How does it feel to be back in London for this fight? Is it right or wrong?

– It’s all gone. Yesterday is yesterday. Now is the future. I’m more focused on the future and continuing to be lucky [улыбается].

“You told me you wanted to see Usyk. Do you want to see him again?

“I can hit him for fun. For fun. Like this [показывает и улыбается].

Tyson Fury said he would slap him if he entered the ring. You hit him. Not a good night for Usyk.

Yes, I will help Tyson Fury if he needs it. [улыбается].

  • Usyk gave me tips on how to beat Beterbiev – Anthony Yarde

– Tell me, how do you see your fight (with Yard) going? I don’t need deep analysis, but what do you think about it now? What happens when the gong is struck?

“I will never tell you our strategy or what we are thinking. Sorry. But after the fight, maybe we’ll tell you something we’ve been working on. But before the fight, we can’t tell you anything. If I tell you, you tell him.

– I will tell [смеётся].

– It’s not good for me [улыбается].

– And how do you like the fact that you are going to his hometown, to London? You are a champion and you come here, how do you like it?

– This is fine. I have a lot of experience in amateurs. We have always traveled all over the world. I think it’s not such a big problem. No problem.

What do you think of his comments when he said you were slower than he thought. He didn’t say slow. He said, “Slower than I thought.” What do you think about this?

– If he thinks that I am slow, then I tell him – I will try to be fast on January 28th. I tell him. I’ll get ready to be faster than usual [улыбается].

“Would you like to say something to Anthony Yard?”

“I already told him.

– Nice to see you here. Let’s hope we see you very soon.

– Thanks a lot.

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