“I can develop a plan against Usyk.” Derrick James on Joshua and Franklin


American Coach 2022 Derrick James gave
interview for the British media after a press conference on the occasion of the upcoming fight of the former unified champion from Britain Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) against American Jermain Franklin (21-1, 14 KOs), which is scheduled for April 1.

Recall that recently, James is Joshua’s coach. In a conversation with a reporter, the mentor told about the new ward, his future rival, answered the question about the winning plan for the fight against the unified champion from Ukraine Oleksandr Usyk (20-0, 13 KOs) and gave some other comments.

What are your first impressions of Anthony Joshua?

“Initially, when I first saw him, I thought he was a good fighter. Very good, very athletic, very technical. So that’s what I believe about him.

In these few weeks that you have been training him, what does he need to work on that you will try to improve?

– I think he’s good. We just have to keep building what we’re working on. Keep building him into the fighter he needs to be.

Jermain Franklin lost to White. What did you take away from that fight?

I only watched a little, not even the whole fight. We will review it again. I think Franklin is a real fighter, very evasive. Real fighter.

“Usyk showed me another level.” Interview Anthony Joshua

– After two extreme fights, people believe that Joshua is not the same fighter as he was before. What do you see Joshua’s best attributes inside the ring?

– To be smart. I think he is very fast, he has great footwork.

— Of course, you now have a roster of champions, such as Charlo, Spence, Martin. What do you think Joshua learned from training with these guys? Will he be champion again?

“Look, that’s the only reason I’m here. This is what we want – to take this belt, to become a three-time world champion. There are no other reasons. We don’t play boxing. Our goal is to become a champion.

How did your relationship with Joshua develop? He came to your gym last year, but later worked with Robert Garcia.

He didn’t come the first time. He just wanted Robert Garcia to be first. Then, when he lost to Usyk, he came to me.

– Of course, Usyk is one of the best fighters in the world. Can you develop a fight plan for Joshua to beat him?

– Yes. I did it with other fighters. I train some of the best fighters in the world. Spence and others.

Joshua said what motivates him is prosaic

– What is your prediction for April 1, for the duel between Joshua and Franklin? How will it end?

“Will end with Joshua winning.

– By any means, on points or ahead of schedule?

“I only care about winning. Win, feel where we are, and continue to build further.

Potential rematch against Dillian Whyte in the summer, could he be on the course?

– I don’t know anything about it. I’m only focusing on the current fight.

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