“I believe in victory over Beterbiev and Bivol.” Interview with Alexander Gvozdyk


The former holder of the WBC light heavyweight title (up to 79.4 kg) Ukrainian Alexander Gvozdyk (17-1, 14 KOs) resumes his professional career after more than 3 years outside big boxing.

Alexander will enter the ring against the Argentinean
Jorge Daniel Miranda (58-21, 22 KOs) this weekend. ex-champion gave
interview for the Mexican news portal, in which he spoke about his feelings before returning, the desire to enter the big title fights against the unified champion from Canada Artur Beterbiev (19-0, 19 KOs) and the WBA super champion title holder Russian Dmitry Bivol (21- 0.11 KOs).

The world of boxing is watching you because one of the best light heavyweights is back. How do you feel about it?

– I’m really looking forward to it. So let’s see. It’s very good to feel it again, to feel the whole atmosphere of the fight, of boxing. This is great. Can not wait.

– I am sure that there are many feelings in your heart and soul, because, of course, you are fighting for Ukraine. This is your return to the ring.

— Yes, the situation in Ukraine played a very important role in my return. Hopefully, I will be helpful in helping my people increase their will to fight in this, I would say, really bad situation that has happened in my country.

If I remember correctly, it’s been two and a half years already.

– Three and a half.

Given this, why are you returning to boxing?

– Once again, as I said, the situation in Ukraine motivates me to raise the Ukrainian flag again in the international arena. I want to fight the best shows against the best opponents. This is the main reason. And I feel it’s still in me.

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– When you look at your division, you should name Beterbiev and Bivol. I honestly believe, and it’s not because I’m your friend, I really believe that you can beat Beterbiev or Bivol in a rematch. I believe that you have what will allow you to become world champion again.

“I also believe in it. So let’s take that small step and then move on to the bigger fights. And let’s hope I get them.

– When you think about the championship, about the former championship … WBC especially respects you. Sooner or later you will get the status of a mandatory applicant. This means that the chance for the championship will be really soon.

– I hope so. I respect this organization. I like the green belt the most and hopefully I will fight for this belt soon.

– If you could choose between a rematch with Beterbiev or a fight with Bivol, which one would you choose?

– Of course Beterbiev. Because, first of all, it would be a rematch, and also he has three belts. This is a more interesting fight.

You sparred with Canelo before his fight with Bivol. How would you describe Canelo and Eddie Reynoso?

– This is a great team. They build each other. Canelo is a complete fighter with very good defense. What can I say about the P4P leader? He has everything. He has defense, attack, skills. Perfect fighter, very talented.

What are your thoughts on the Canelo vs Bivol super middleweight rematch? I really believe that if Canelo is a 100% version of himself, he can beat Bivol.

— Yes, you said it right. I don’t think Canelo was 100% in their first fight. And on top of that, Canelo will have a 76.2kg advantage because that’s his weight class. Although it is not his category, his category is lower. But once again, the 76.2 kg category will be more comfortable for Canelo, and this time I think he will be 100%. And I’m for Canelo again. I was for him in the first fight and I am for him again.

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Let’s talk about the current event. Marvnations by Marvin Rodriguez will show the world his television broadcast for the first time. This is a great opportunity. How do you feel about being a part of it?

– I’m looking forward to. It’s a great opportunity for young fighters to show themselves to the world, and it’s also a good opportunity for all fighters, especially those who retired and are coming back. [смеётся].

— Please send a message to Ukraine. You know that my channel is watched all over the world. What message will Oleksandr Gvozdyk send in this battle to your country, your people?

— Beloved Ukrainians, be strong! We will definitely win! Glory to Ukraine!

We’ll talk to you again after the weigh-in. Maybe you want to add something?

The most interesting thing will happen on Saturday. In the meantime, I think I’m fine [смеются].

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