How will Ebany respond? Ty Emery won and happily lifted her jersey – video


Model and former American football star Ty Emery brightly celebrated her debut victory at the show from the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship promotion in Bangkok (Thailand) – she jumped onto the ropes and … lifted her shirt.

Women fought bare-knuckled: Emery at the BKFC Thailand 3 tournament was opposed by the same debutant Rung-Arana Khunchai. Tai defeated her in the 1st round.

Baring her chest, she stunned not only the crowd of spectators, but also the team of TV commentators, who were silent for several seconds, not knowing whether to mention this episode or better to pretend that nothing had happened.

“Welcome to the bare knuckle fighting championship, Ty Emery! exclaimed, finally, one of the commentators. “Interesting celebration… We’ve never seen anything like it.”

Bridges to the fans: “You are much more interested in my boobs”

Here is a blurred version of the incident:

here original.)

Mexican boxer
Sulem Urbina (13-2-1, 2 KOs) commented on the episode with humor in
Twitterreferring to professional boxing sex bomb Ebany Bridges: “Ebany, can I borrow your breasts to do the same after my next fight?”

Frame of the day. Australian sex bomb Ebany Bridges out of the ring photo

Judging by
Instagram Emery, such antics from her should be expected in the future.

In July, the adult film star sparred with Bridges and stormed into the ring.