How to beat Dmitry Bivol? Roy Jones answers


Former champion in 4 categories, American Roy Jones Jr. attended the fight of the Russian “super champion” according to the WBA light heavyweight (up to 76.2 kg) Dmitry Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) against the Mexican Gilberto Ramirez (44-1, 30 KO).

Immediately after the announcement of the results of the fight, Roy
commented seen in a flash interview with a British reporter. The legendary fighter spoke about the performance of both participants in the fight and answered the question of how to defeat the Russian champion.

Report from vRINGe: Boxer of the year. Bivol defeated Ramirez

— We have just witnessed a master class by Dmitry Bivol. What do you think of his winning performance?

“It was a really great performance. He looked really good. He was in very good condition, did smart things, outboxed him. He approached when he needed to, broke the distance if necessary. Yes, a very good sense of distance, as always. His legs are the key to victory. The thing to understand about Bivol is that he has disciplined footwork. This makes it difficult to deal with him.

What else did you expect to see from Gilberto Ramirez tonight?

– His record has a very high percentage of knockouts. He has a very large size for a light heavyweight. But his size doesn’t match his punching power, and that’s why it backfired on him.

Roy, now Dmitry Bivol is one of the best fighters in the world. If you shared the ring with him, how would you beat him, judging by today’s fight?

– It is very difficult to predict. He is very hard to beat. You need to be smart. You have to be faster than fast, fight on your feet. It would be a great fight. Right now, for me, he is probably the best light heavyweight.

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