How can Golovkin return to the boxing elite? De La Hoya has the answer.


In September, in Las Vegas (USA), antagonists Gennady Golovkin (42-2-1, 37 KOs) from Kazakhstan and Saul Alvarez (58-2-2, 38 KOs) from Mexico closed their confrontation in the trilogy – the favorite won. And after that, the soldiers even buried the hatchet.

The fight did not live up to the inflated expectations of the public. And it even seemed that both fighters passed their career peak.

And here is the promoter Oscar De La Hoya (golden boy)
knowshow 40-year-old Golovkin will return to the boxing elite: “See for yourself. Golovkin is loved both in Mexico and in Kazakhstan. He is a global star. It seems to me that it would be ideal for him to take the fight with the Mexican Jaime Mungia now. For me, this is the perfect fight for both. First, it will be that action. Secondly, if he wins, Golovkin will return to the top again. For true boxing fans, he will once again become an elite fighter.”

For Munguia, the upcoming fight is also very important, the promoter believes: “Just imagine if he beats Golovkin. Damn, and if he knocks him out at all! For this reason, this is a really cool fight. A win-win for boxing. Yes, I thought Canelo would win by knockout. And he was surprised that in the last rounds Golovkin began to push Alvarez. No, I will definitely not say that it is time for Golovkin to retire. I will never say this to anyone and I will not advise it, because this is a personal matter of a fighter. It’s up to him to decide.”

Previously, De La Hoya revealed the name of a fighter that Canelo would never fight. And the rising star from Kazakhstan is sure that he would easily beat Alvarez.

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