Holyfield: Joshua asked for advice ahead of Klitschko fight


The legendary American Evander Holyfield – the only undisputed cruiserweight and heavyweight champion in history – spoke about how British heavyweight Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) approached him in 2017.

According to the cult champion, AJ turned to him for advice on the eve of the fight with the legendary ex-champion veteran from Ukraine Wladimir Klitschko – that fight took place in April 2017 in London (England), ended with Joshua’s victory by knockout in the 11th round.

believesthat his advice helped the Briton: “I remember how it was. He approached and asked, “How should I act against him?” And I said: “Always work ahead of the curve. Remember that if you always stay ahead of your opponents, you will become practically invulnerable.” And it worked. He won”.

Joshua has been busy looking for a new mentor lately. Holyfield made it clear that neither then nor now does he pretend to be a coach: “I didn’t run after him, I didn’t say:“ Dude, I want to share some advice with you. It was he who addressed me. Why did I recommend this? Because that’s how I was taught. Because it’s the perfect fit for him – huge, long-armed and powerful.”

“I was always told by mentors: “Be the first. Both in the ring and outside it,” continued Holyfield. Don’t let yourself be the first to miss. After all, a missed shot is always the risk of an early defeat. Be first! Make it so that not you, but the opponent is worried about not being knocked out.

In the same interview, Holyfield shared his advice with the ex-champion and spoke about his relationship with Mike Tyson: “And everyone around is happy.”