Highlights of the Stephen Thompson fight against Kevin Holland video


Watch Stephen Thompson vs. Kevin Holland full fight video highlights from their main event clash Saturday night in Orlando, courtesy of the ESPN and other outlets.

UFC Orlando took place Dec. 3 at the Amway Center in Orlando, Fla. Stephen Thompson (17-6-1) took on Kevin Holland (23-9, 1 NC) in a welterweight contest in the main event. ESPN and ESPN+ broadcast the fight live.

Check out the highlights video below.

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Round 1

Here we are, MMA lovers. It’s now.

Holland lands the first body kick with

Holland. Thompson throws a side kick, and Holland responds with a big right hand that misses the mark. Thompson is first to clinch against the fence, and he gets separated. Left hand counter cleanly lands from “Wonderboy,” and they clinch again.

They separate, left hand from Thompson lands again, and the 39-year-old has a cut above the right eye. Two big left hands and one knee find the mark in Holland. Thompson again lands his left hand.

Holland lands a big right hand and Thompson is stung. Holland lands another shot, Thompson throws up a high kick, misses, Holland with a slew of short elbows. Thompson gets separation and they see the center. With just over one minute left, “Wonderboy” has another big left. Holland responds to Thompson’s clean left-hand.

Final 35 seconds and Holland lands a knee just as Thompson pops him with that left. Thompson is wearing the crimson mask. Holland ends the round with a hard body shot. Horn sounds. They high-five. Fun first five minutes.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 Holland

Round 2

The right hand that hurt Thompson landed right on his forehead. They’re still at it.

Holland starts to speak a bit more, and Thomson delivers a powerful keft punch to Holland’s face, which is partially blocked but still effective. Thompson charges in with a combination, they clinch, separate, and Holland swings for the fences and misses.

Holland lands a right-hander, and the left-hand counter discovers Thompson’s mark. They are determined to get it. Thompson landed a good shot that definitely got Holland’s attention. Crowd loving this fight so far, as they should. We are at the halfway mark and Wonderboy has a great counter-combo.

Holland’s left hand is very nice. Wonderboy strikes his body kick with Wonderboy, while another counter hits. Holland scores a takedown and calls on Thompson immediately to get up. Much to the delight the crowd, Thompson is asked to do the same. Thompson keeps landing that left hand clean. Thompson does a side kick to the stomach, and Thompson leaves his left hand.

Holland was hurt by Thompson’s big shot. Holland continues to throw hard and they exchange before the round is over. This fight rules!

MMAFighting scores the round 10-9 for Thompson, 19-19 overall

Round 3

Hope this blog can do this fight justice (it’s really, really good). Holland jokingly telling Thompson to “slow down.” Holland with a kick blocked to the body, jumping switch kick from Thompson avoided. Leg kick from “Wonderboy,” followed by that left hand.

Thompson is brought to the mat by Holland, and they immediately stand up. Thompson charges in, a combination that touches Holland. He charges back, but nothing is done. Holland is sent down by a side kick to his body, but Thompson charges in with a combo that grazes Holland, and he does OK. Thompson uses another left hand. His movement was great in this one. Holland lands, Thompson connects with a left.

Two minutes left and Holland comes in with a short right, now they clinch, but that ends quickly. Thompson’s countering continues to pay dividends as he starts to unload on Holland. Thompson fighting back, Holland on defensive mode while Thompson scores a right-hand.

Thompson lands a combination, then a spinning back kick to the head of Holland, “Wonderboy” smiles. In the final seconds of round Thompson misses a spinning back kick. Holland falls short on a right and we move to the championship rounds. What a fight!

MMAFighting scores it 10-9, 29-28 overall for Thompson

Round 4

Holland certainly looks tired but still has a lot of fun.

We’re now off, Thompson landing a side kick on top. It was smooth. Holland clinches up with Thompson against the fence — which may not be popular, but smart. After an accident clash of heads, they separate.

Big combination from Thompson, leg kick from Holland, Thompson with a liver kick on the money. Thompson lands again, Holland shoots, Thompson sprawls. The fight ends when they clinch together.

Big Dan looked at the replay, it appears it was an accidental low blow, but he definitely waved the fight off. The fight goes on!

High kick by Thompson, with a leg kick behind, Thompson then kicks Holland in the head. Wild! Another vicious head kick from Thompson and Holland is still standing. How?

Leg kick by “Wonderboy.” Holland is now in total defensive survival mode and takes another kick to his body. Left hand from Thompson, leg kick behind it. Spinning side kick from Thompson, Holland appears to have a broken hand and Wonderboy is just teeing off. Thompson drops Holland and he’s on top trying to finish. The round ends when Thompson gets up. Crazy round. Thompson looked phenomenal.

MMAFighting scores the round 10-8 for Thompson, 39-36 overall

Fight Is Over

Holland’s corner has waved it off due to the hand injury to Holland, plus a really tough fourth round. “Wonderboy .”

” wins the TKO.

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