Highlights of Floyd Mayweather’s fight with Aaron Chalmers


Watch Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers full fight video highlights from their main event showdown Saturday night, courtesy of multiple outlets.

Mayweather vs. Chalmers took place Sept. 25 at the O2 Arena in London, England. Hall of Fame boxing champion Floyd Mayweather and Bellator veteran Aaron Chalmers collided in an exhibition fight. Zeus Network paid-per-view aired the fight live.

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Round 1: Mayweather letting Chalmers feel his right hand early. Chalmers tries to counter Chalmers with body shots but Mayweather is able to control the range with his jab. Another glancing right hand lands for Mayweather. Chalmers that show a lot of head movement and level-changing, but not much offense. Short uppercut by Mayweather. Mayweather scores with a jab.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather

Round 2: Mayweather fires a jab right through Chalmers’ defense, popping his head back. Mayweather scores with a lunging hook. Chalmers with a jab that falls short. Chalmers narrowly misses a right-hand. Mayweather then fires another and goes head-body. Jab by Mayweather. Keep Mayweather moving. Chalmers fires a three-punch combo that hits nothing but air. Right hand by Mayweather backs Chalmers up.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 20-18 Mayweather

Round 3: Chalmers coming out more aggressive, but he still can’t connect with anything solid. Mayweather is victorious in an exchange against a high-counter. Chalmers gets another jab. Mayweather getting loose and that right hand lands. Mayweather punishing Chalmers with that jab. Chalmers advances and takes a right-hand.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 30-27 Mayweather

Round 4: Chalmers eats another jab. Mayweather content to hang out in the corner, Chalmers can’t figure him out. Mayweather fires off a jab, which Chalmers can’t understand. Mayweather’s jab is automatic. Chalmers is ripped by his left hand. Chalmers attempts to stop Mayweather but Mayweather slips an acrobatic combination.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 40-36 Mayweather

Round 5: Mayweather opens another round with a stiff jab. Chalmers couldn’t take an forward step. Mayweather did a big right. Mayweather then lands a left hook. Mayweather lands a short uppercut to the body. Mayweather begins to talk with a cameraman. Easy work through five rounds for Mayweather.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 50-45 Mayweather

Round 6: Mayweather peppers Chalmers with more jabs and he’s talking now, telling Chalmers to hit him. Chalmers is being circled by Mayweather. Mayweather with a 1-2. He’s connecting at will. Chalmers looks content to ride this one out as Mayweather pumps jabs into his face. Mayweather’s right-hander lands another one.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 60-54 Mayweather

Round 7: Mayweather just daring Chalmers to throw. More jabs, but Chalmers at least tries to answer with a couple of punches that bounce off Mayweather’s arms. Mayweather to the body, then he goes back to the right hand. Chalmers saw another right. Mayweather just trotting around Chalmers as another round comes to a close.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 70-63 Mayweather

Round 8: Chalmers coming out firing, to his credit, he hasn’t given up. Mayweather lands a counter right and then a jab. Chalmers swinging big and missing big. Mayweather delivers two jabs, then falls out of the corner. Chalmers chasing to no avail. Mayweather dodges a combo and lands one more right to put a period on this performance.

MMA Fighting scores the round 10-9, Mayweather. Overall, 80-72 Mayweather

Official result: Floyd Mayweather vs. Aaron Chalmers ends in a no decision (exhibition bout)