Henry Cejudo: “A million dollars for a fight is not a lot of money. For the sake of such a check, I will not return.

Former two-weight UFC champion Henry Cejudo spoke on the podcast “Weighing In” about the conditions for returning to the octagon.

Josh Thomson: “If you look at Volkanovski, he has a huge reach for a guy his size. 180 cm in arm span for 168 cm height is incredible.

Henry Cejudo: “Josh, when you have found your distance, the rich doesn’t matter at all (rich Cejudo – 163 cm – approx.). It is the distance that creates the timing. People overestimate the importance of size. Even against Holloway, I like my chances.”

John McCarthy: “Henry, don’t you feel bad that you’ve achieved so much and the guys in the higher divisions still make more money than you?”

Henry Cejudo: “Who makes money there? Only Conor McGregor makes money. That’s what he gets – it’s money. And the rest… I’ll tell you so. Million dollars [за бой] – it’s small money. This is not the check for which I am ready to return.

Cejudo fought his last fight in May 2020, defeating Dominic Cruz by knockout for the bantamweight title.