“He’ll get him out of the way.” Michael Hunter on Usyk-Fury and Joshua-Franklin fights


Former opponent of Ukrainian Alexander Usik (20-0, 13 KOs) during his performances in the heavyweight division (up to 90.7 kg), and now a heavyweight fighter (over 90.7 kg) American Michael Hunter (21-1-1, 14 KOs) gave
interview for the British media.

In a conversation, Hunter shared his opinion about the fight that will take place on April 1 in London between local former unified champion Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) and American Jermaine Franklin (21-1, 14 KOs).

Michael also spoke about the upcoming fight for the title of absolute champion Mustache – Fury.

We saw Jermain Franklin come to Britain and give Dillian Whyte a tough fight. Some people believe that Jermain won. Now he is rewarded with a duel with Joshua. We know styles make fights, but how dangerous is Franklin to Joshua?

I don’t think it’s very dangerous. But I think Franklin has the ability to make Anthony Joshua look bad. At the very least, it’s not great for critics to be convinced of what they were talking about. Precisely because his best days are behind him. I think Jemaine Franklin can force it. There are a lot of question marks here. We don’t know it, but I think the main thing about Joshua is in his head and heart. And if it all levels out, if that’s the point, then I think Anthony Joshua will do his part and get him out of the way.

Franklin had a great opportunity in the last fight. He also has a lot of experience. He is a modest fellow, he works, and he is in the gym. So just the fighters need this opportunity. He can also defeat him. So we don’t know. There are a lot of question marks here. Because of this, people want to watch the fight, they will watch, and this has an advantage.

If Joshua flies in on April 1, game over: Anthony doubted

The fight that stands alone in the heavyweight division is Fury vs Usyk. It looks like it will take place here in London on April 29th. We hope it will take place. According to Frank Warren, the announcement will be next week. We know and you know how talented Usyk is, and we know how great a fighter Tyson Fury is. If both of them are in the ring, how will the fight go?

“I think it’s a very close fight. I believe that Usyk will lose the early rounds and start winning, maybe towards the end, win most of the later rounds. I think there will probably be a draw or a separate decision. I don’t think one of them will knock out the other. Here’s how I see it. I mean, Usyk needs to do a few things a little outside of his box to make a statement to sort of take the fight. But I think he has the tools to do it. And he’s very smart to make those adjustments. So I think he will do it. And I think that he is very close or lose or win by split decision or maybe draw.