Heavyweight prospects Clark and Harris enjoy stoppage wins


Manchester Arena, Manchester, UK. Olympic medalist of the Olympic Games-2020 British heavyweight (over 90.7 kg) Fraser Clark (5-0, 4 KOs) did not notice the resistance of the Argentinean
Kevin Espindola (7-7, 2 KOs).

The favorite immediately drove the guest into the corner of the ring. He was hiding behind the block, but Clark worked out well on the body. Espindola began to clinch, sometimes snarling with overhands (one even brought him to the target). The Briton turned on the uppercuts, but most of the blows from below flew wide of the mark.

Clark was good at multi-hit combinations, which he often finished with an accented left hook on the body. But at times he stagnated in front of an opponent in an attempt to pull him out on himself with tricks. In one of these episodes, he caught a left hook in the face.

After 4 one-sided rounds in the corner, Espindola decided not to go to the 5th three-minute round. There is nothing surprising in this – he endured blows to the body more and more heavily, breathing heavily.

Clark TKO 4.

Espindola lost early for the first time.

Local heavyweight (over 90.7 kg) prospect
Matty Harris (4-0, 3 KOs) defeated journeyman in the opening round
Jiri Surmazha (3-3, 2 KOs) from the Czech Republic.

Harris pulled the opponent towards him and countered with lightning speed. One of the blows – the right cross – solidly shook the underdog. The referee intervened and hastily stopped the bout.

Harris TKO 1.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/162020-prospekty-supertyazhi-klark-i-kharris-poteshili-dosrochnymi-pobedami.htm?rand=141343