Heavyweight koloboks: Guidry beat Stiverne in the main event of the show from Don King


Casino Miami Jai Alai, Miami, USA. In the main fight of the evening of boxing from Don King (Don King Production) in the heavyweight limit (over 90.7 kg), the age-old ex-world champion Bermain Stivern (25-6-1, 21 KOs) from Canada lost to the American ex-challenger Jonathan Guidry (19-1-2, 11 KOs).

The fight of the pot-bellied heavyweights was expected to take place at a leisurely pace. Action was minimal. Stivern jabbed at Guidry like a pesky fly. Before the equator, he tried to work as the first number, then the fighters switched roles.

The American most often worked on spurts. At such moments, the ex-champion tried to counter the aggressor with an overhand or a hook to the body. The second option worked more efficiently.

Guidry clearly bet that in the second half of the fight the 44-year-old veteran would get tired of walking around the ring. He slightly increased the pace of the battle, added a little more activity. Several times Stivern felt the blows of his opponent, but held out until the gong.

The score of the judges: 100-91, 97-93 and 100-91 in favor of the American.

Guidry UD 10. It was awful…

Source: https://vringe.com/news/162038-supertyazhyelye-kolobki-guidri-pobil-stiverna-v-glavnom-sobytii-shou-ot-dona-kinga.htm?rand=141343