Heavyweight champion estimates chances of getting a fight against Anthony Joshua


WBO world heavyweight champion (up to 90.7 kg) Lawrence Okoli (18-0, 14 KOs), whose interests were previously represented by heavyweight Anthony Joshua (285 MGT), believes that the fight against him does not shine. He has repeatedly stated in the past that he will soon move to the big guy division.

“There are still a lot of big heavyweight fights ahead. I think you know that, unfortunately, he [Джошуа] is no longer a world champion, and this creates a different dynamic, just like politicians, Okoli floridly put it in an interview
GiveMeSport. “And, you know, I like to be pretty realistic when it comes to boxing.”

He further noted that such a fight is hardly possible in the near future, and a little later it may already be too late.

Okoli sits on top of a mountain – Shalom

According to 30-year-old Lawrence, the current heavyweight champions are “34, 35, 36 years old.”

“Not much older than me, but older enough that they are already retired in the next year or two. And then all the young guys will have a big fight to find out what’s what. For the next fight, I can choose both someone young and not very young, ”added the Briton.

At the end of 2022, he had a row with Eddie Hearn and, slamming the door, left Matchroom Boxing. Lawrence hasn’t boxed since last February when he defeated Michal Ceslak.

So far, he has on his nose (March 25) the third title defense in a fight with David Light in Manchester (England).