Hearn Reveals What Heavyweight Fight He ‘Really Wants’ To Do In 2023


Head of Matchroom Boxing Eddie Hearn continues to slowly fan the fire of interest that went out a few years ago in a potential super heavyweight fight between former world champions Anthony Joshua (24-3, 22 KOs) and Deontay Wilder (43-2-1, 42 KOs).

The functionary said that since the last time he contacted the manager of the American, Shelly Finkel, a few weeks ago, he had not yet had any new contacts with him.

“Wilder is now ordered to fight Andy Ruiz and AJ is picking his next opponent,” Eddie said.
ID Boxing. “But of course we will continue with him.” [Финкелем] communication. To be honest, I don’t see Anthony fighting Deontay in March, but in the summer and certainly in 2023, yes.”

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According to Hearn, “this is a big fight,” although, he added, let’s wait for WBC champion Tyson Fury to fight Derek Chisora ​​in a week – this is also an option for Joshua.

“But Wilder – yes, this is clearly something that needs to be done. Whether he fights Ruiz or not will probably determine what Joshua does next. If they both perform in different fights in March, then, say, this summer there will be a megafight,” says the head of Matchroom Boxing. – However, Dillian Whyte has not gone anywhere yet … But I really want AJ to fight Wilder in 2023. I think it’s an outstanding fight. Joshua wants it himself.”

For some reason only known to him, Eddie believes that the heavyweight belts will soon be vacant. Chisora, meanwhile, went hard on Wilder: he says, “what the hell did you forget in the ring?”