Hearn reacted to the boycott of Eubank Sr.: “Otherwise Chris will look stupid”


On October 8 in London (England) in the contractual weight limit (up to 71.2 kg), popular local fighters will fight – middleweight Chris Eubank Jr. (32-2, 23 KOs) and welterweight Conor Benn (21-0, 14 KOs).

Yesterday, the legendary Chris Eubank Sr. called for a boycott of the fight, as he fears for the health of his son. This is not the first attempt by the veteran to interfere in the promotion – he had previously forbidden his son to fight Benn.

Show promoter Eddie HearnMatchroom Boxing)
commented what happened, tried to be as restrained as possible: “As for me, he is too worried. He previously commented on the fact that the fighters agreed to fight at a contractual weight. But don’t forget that he knew about it. Don’t forget Eubank Jr signed up for this fight. Why didn’t they worry about this moment then?”

Hearn previously worked with Eubank, who is now under contract with Kalle Sauerland. But Benn is collaborating with Matchroom Boxing. Hearn thinks the whole situation is weird because “Eubank Jr. is constantly trolling Benn. Either he eats chicken at KFC, then he overeats with cake and other sweets. As far as I understand, his weight is controlled in VVVOSand they are happy with the results. So what’s the problem then? Eubank Jr. says he will easily make the weight limit and knock out Benn in the round he wants. One more thing. If suddenly Chris does not make a weight limit, then, you see, he will look very stupid.

Hearn suggests that Benn is taking a lot more risks: “Let’s count. He performs at 66.7 kg. He agrees to fight at 71.2 kg. Moreover, the fighters will have the right to rehydrate up to 75.7 kg. That’s where the real danger lies. But since we are dealing with a duel in which fighters from different divisions will meet, we had to look for a middle ground. And I think we found it. I agree that Eubank will not be easy. But then he’ll have 36 hours to rehydrate. Eubank Sr. has his own opinion. And this is a very stubborn person, so he will be running around with this all week before the fight. But, in the end, it’s not him who fights, but Eubank Jr. He has a promoter, advisor, manager. He knows the rules of this game. He knows what he signed up for.”

Yesterday, expert Sean Porter shared an unexpected prediction for this fight. Meanwhile, Eubank claims he can’t lose to Benn because “it’s physically impossible.”