Hearn ran into the WBC. They struck back


Promoter Eddie HearnMatchroom Boxing) accused the WBC of delaying the decision in the case of British welterweight Conor Benn (21-0, 14 KOs) – last year he was caught using illegal drugs, thereby disrupting the fight with compatriot Chris Eubank Jr. (32-2, 23 KOs).

To the reproaches of Hearn
reacted WBC boss Mauricio Suleiman: “We received a 270 page document from Benn’s team. You understand that such a document requires careful verification and study. After all, this is not a situation that you can just take and ignore, having noted some empty words. In this matter, you first need to study all the facts, and only then move on to a legal solution. We will spend as much time studying this case as we need.”

Suleiman is apparently unhappy with Hearn’s tone. And in response, he stated that “as soon as we received this document, we immediately tried to contact the boxer’s lawyers. Do you know how long it took them to respond to our request? Three weeks! So that’s another question, who in this case delays the case. We are working on it, and very actively. But we have our protocols. And we will work on them.”

Suleiman does not really understand what all these claims are for, because “there was no solution. Nobody removed him. If he wants to fight, he has every right to do so.”

Meanwhile, Benn posted a cheeky message on social media: “Thank God for the existence of science. It proved my complete innocence. The evidence doesn’t lie. Don’t hide the truth.”

Eubank reacted to the message of the failed opponent: “You say, thank God that science exists? I agree, because it was only with the help of science that you were caught on illegal drugs, and twice. If not for science, I would have to fight not with a fighter, but with some kind of Hulk … ”

Eubank will enter the ring this week – he will fight ex-world champion compatriot Liam Smith. Chris’ coach Roy Jones stated, “I’m preparing Eubank for Golovkin and Canelo, not Smith.” It turns out that Golovkin is also ready to fight Eubank.

Source: https://vringe.com/news/161916-khirn-naekhal-na-wbc-te-nanesli-otvetnyy-udar.htm?rand=141343