Hearn called Gervonta Davis a “moonhead” and compared him to Mike Tyson


Promoter Eddie HearnMatchroom Boxing) in awe of the WBA World lightweight champion American Gervonta Davis (28-0, 26 KOs) – on the weekend he forced the previously unbeaten Dominican Hector Luis Garcia (16-1, 10 KOs) to capitulate.

The promoter even compared the puncher with the legendary heavyweight Mike Tyson: “Gervonta is a very spectacular fighter. Simply outstanding. I was interested to see how he copes with the pressure, knowing that the fight with Ryan Garcia is on the line and after all those scandals. Do you know why he is so dangerous? You can’t call him a great strategist. He is already a mature man. And he’s a real bad guy. And this is not a criticism or some kind of disrespect. He’s just such a bad boy motherfucker. Exactly the same as Tyson and some of the other greats. He is absolutely fearless. And that makes it even more dangerous. It won’t fit in your head.”

According to Hearn, “Gervonta is not afraid to lose at referee cards. After all, he constantly exhausts the opponent, and his blows are unrealistically heavy. You can’t get away from something like this, you can’t get rid of something like that. You can’t call him an unreal techie. He is definitely not one of those who is almost impossible to outbox. He is not one of those who is very difficult to take at least one round.

Meanwhile, Gervonta is not sure that the fight with Ryan Garcia will take place. Earlier, he explained why he “slowed down” at the beginning of the fight with the Dominican. The puncher does not hide the fact that “he likes to be mentioned with people like Mike Tyson.”

Source: https://vringe.com/news/161755-khirn-obozval-dzhervontu-devisa-mazafakoy-i-sravnil-s-maykom-taysonom.htm?rand=141343