Hearn believes in Chisora’s chances against Fury: “I would like to see this…”


On December 3 in London (England), local WBC heavyweight champion Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) will defend his title with compatriot gatekeeper Derek Chisora ​​(33-12, 23 KOs), whom he had previously defeated twice.

Fans and experts do not believe in the chances of an underdog, they consider the confrontation a mismatch.

And here’s promoter Eddie Hearn (Matchroom Boxing)
praises veteran: “To be honest, I think Chisora ​​is a real gem. This is one of the bravest fighters in boxing. I agree that in theory everything is clear here. Moreover, Fury has already defeated him twice. The fans do not expect anything from Derek, they do not believe in his chances, they wrote it off. But in vain they did it. After all, Derek always gives all the best in all his fights. Yes, he is a clear underdog, but he is fearless. This is a real warrior.”

Hearn does not hide the fact that his sympathies are completely on the side of Chisora: “A million percent. And yes, I would like him to cut down Fury. Fans don’t know Chisora. They don’t see what a big heart he has. They don’t realize what a great guy he really is. And I’m very glad he didn’t just get another big check. He got a chance – an opportunity to fight for the belt.”

The other day, Chisora ​​rudely ran into the fans: “Close the havalniks and enjoy!” And trainer Malik Scott shared with him tips: What to do and what not to do to Derek in a fight with Fury.