“He will stop him.” Prediction for Fury-Joshua from Parker


Former world heavyweight champion New Zealander Joseph Parker shared his opinion on how the fight of his British friend and sparring partner, current WBC title holder Tyson Fury (32-0-1, 23 KOs) and ex-champion Anthony Joshua (24-3) would end , 22 KOs) if they managed to agree on a duel on December 3. Well, or if they still enter the ring sometime in the future.

“Everyone knows what I think about this fight: Tyson will stop him,” Parker says categorically. “I never really understood how Tyson fought until I started training with him. And then I saw that he trains more than any fighter at any weight that I have ever trained with. He has the biggest “motor” of all that I have seen. He just goes on and on and on and on without stopping.”

“AJ is a big puncher, so he will always have a chance to hit Tyson well,” continues Joseph. Of course I’m biased because we’re close (with Fury) and people will still think that I choose him because of personal sympathies. But I really think he will stop him. If Joshua decides to cut, Tyson will quickly stop him, even before the sixth round. If Joshua fights defensively, it will be harder to take him out, but I still bet on an early victory for Tyson. Like I said, with Tyson’s workrate, he’ll overwork anyone. When you think that he is tired, then in fact everything is different. When you think that he is already everything, he is far from everything. He’ll just keep going and going.”

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