“He took his heart.” Haye commented on Joyce’s victory over Parker


Former world champion in two categories, Briton David Haye commented on the resounding success of his compatriot and newly-minted “interim” WBO heavyweight champion Joe Joyce (15-0, 14 KOs), who knocked out ex-champion from New Zealand Joseph Parker (30 -3, 21 KOs) and thus became the first who managed to inflict an early defeat on him.

“It was perfect,” says Haye, “he went into the ring, set his jab and completely robbed Parker of his heart. Already from the second round, Parker looked exhausted, from the second round he was uncomfortable. And Joyce kept throwing his jab. These weren’t solid blows, but they were delivered by a huge man. Parker is guaranteed to have a headache the day after the fight.”

“Parker has to be given credit for taking a lot of hits,” David said. “I don’t know what he will do next, but it was a complete beating. And we finally found out if Joyce’s chin can withstand world-class power. The answer is yes, it will.”

After the win, Joyce mentioned Fury and challenged Usyk.

And here are the punch statistics of the Joyce-Parker fight.