Haye named the favorite in the Eubank-Smith fight. He “doubts” that Chris is gay


The conqueror of cruiserweight and heavyweight British David Haye has decided on the favorite of the main event of the boxing evening, which will take place tonight in Manchester (England) – popular local middleweights Chris Eubank Jr. (32-2, 23 KOs) and Liam Smith (32-3-1) will fight , 19 KOs).

Bookmakers consider Eubank to be the favorite. Hey
offers do not write off Smith, because “that is still the real ex-world champion. And he didn’t come for the check, he wants to win. You know what I would say to Eubank? Dude, you said before the fight that you need to be 50% ready to beat Liam. But trust me, you can slip on it like you’re on a banana peel.”

Haye still agrees that Eubank has a better chance of winning: “I agree that if Chris comes in 100% ready, then he should win without question. But if he really is 50-60% ready… Remember Eubank in the fight against Liam Williams. To be honest, I’m not sure that this version of Chris here is enough to beat Smith. I hope that Roy Jones prepared Eubank more than 60%.”

Haye didn’t really like Smith’s homophobic remarks before the fight: “To be honest, I tensed up when I heard all this. Do I believe that Eubank is gay? I think he’s as gay as me. Why did they start all this? Perhaps this is an attempt to piss Chris off, to get under his skin. Chris is just one of those for whom personal life is his own business. I know that it is these people who are most often accused of being “unconventional”, although this is not so. I hope Chris and Liam have talked already.”

According to Hay, “Smith has a very obnoxious style. This is a closed boxer who is hard to catch on a mistake. He almost does not allow them, and there are no obvious flaws in his defense. You need someone really cool to finish it, like Canelo (it was Alvarez who inflicted the only early defeat on Smith). If Chris manages to shake him up and get him early, it’ll be fucking cool. This will really mean that he is at a really high level. Almost elite.

The other day, Carl Froch said that Eubank could beat Golovkin, but still lose to Smith.